Industrial Services

Our expert engineers and installation team can create systems for a variety of projects, such as tank containments, tank inverted roof drain systems and weatherization systems. We can provide a turnkey system or supply you with the best materials and training in the industry. We also offer services such as dry-ins, temporary roof structures, walls and covers, containments and environmental controls for lead or asbestos abatement and debris. Preservation and corrosion prevention products and services are also available.

**If you need materials only, check out our online store. Or, if you need wholesale pricing or a quote, please click the perspective button on our homepage.

  • Towers

  • Scaffold wrap

  • Mechanical Components

  • Pipe Racks

  • Process Vessels & Modules

  • Outages

  • Tanks

  • Process Equipment

  • Unit Protection

  • Preservation/Storage

  • Industrial Roofing

  • Lead, Paint & Asbestos Abatement Controls

  • Dust Collection, Ventilation & Dehumidification system rentals

To learn more about how Pro-Tect Services can assist, please use the form on the right or you may contact us at (713) 589-4638, fax (713) 589-5612, or email

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